The best activity for your tight budget is to get out into nature and hike. You will experience views you thought only existed on postcards and begin to wonder why you were ever sat at a screen, mindlessly staring at a TV show. There’s nothing comparable to spending your days by the lake, in the mountains, in the forest. Hiking offers the ultimate antidote to city life, as well as being incredibly rewarding.

You don’t need to be extremely fit either, start small gradually increasing the distance and incline. Do push yourself to hike farther and longer as you can escape the crowds and witness spectacular views.

If you are traveling North America, check out my list of my favourite hikes in Canada and the USA.

Don’t allow yourself to be put off by websites and outdoor equipment companies trying to sell you pricey gear, you don’t need top of the range kit to enjoy it. You can check out suggestions for where to buy your equipment here.