Noodles, pasta, rice/couscous.

Tins are your friend when it comes to car camping, especially tomatoes and beans/pulses. Always have some herbs and spices in your food box. Onions, carrots, eggplant and zucchini keep relatively well for a few days, so long as they are out of direct sun light. Tins of peas and spinach are a surprisingly appetising addition to your meal.

If you only have one burner cook the carbohydrate first, this allows you to remove the pan from the heat earlier and leave the boiled water heating the food without using excess gas.

Baked potato. A great meal for when you have a campfire, wrap the potato in foil and cook in the embers. A sweet potato is even better and you can even add a corn.

Treat dinner is a good idea the day you go to the store for supplies. Buy something that must be eaten that day, that you wouldn’t usually have the luxury of keeping in the car. Think burgers and salad, a pizza cooked at the deli counter or discounted sushi.