Canada Advice

Avoid visiting National Parks at weekends or during Statutory holidays if you can, they will be over run with tourists and you may find your hike to be busier than usual.

British Columbia is hands down the best place for free campsites, you won’t believe some of the places you can stay for no cost. Check out my blog post for the 7 best free campgrounds in BC, if none of these suit your journey there are hundreds more.

Gas is expensive in Canada the price fluctuates wildly use Fuel my Route to find the cheapest gas along the way, generally Real Canadian Superstore is the lowest cost.

Use rewards cards for everywhere especially The Real Canadian Superstore, you load offers on to an App for points on groceries and they are automatically added for gas. When you reach 20,000 you receive $20 from your next shop, this sounds tricky but doesn’t take long at all.

In the Yukon it is difficult to find a free campground, but you won’t have trouble finding a free place to stay the night. Locals are particularly helpful if you need advice for the area.

Tangerine offers $50 free when you open an account and sign up with an orange key (there are loads online, or use you friend’s). They also have a reciprocal deal with Bank of America, so you can use any BoA ATM in the US, you will not be charged and receive a reasonable exchange rate. Unfortunately, you will need a Canadian passport or a work permit to sign up for an account.