Back country Food

Hiking in the back country can seem expensive, but you don’t have to invest in top shelf products to enjoy it, especially food. Freeze-dried ‘add water’ meals will set you back at least $10 per meal, so definitely won’t fit into your budget. There are plenty of delicious, lightweight and inexpensive options out there for you to take with you.


Oats are simple to make and light to carry. Buy the individual packs of instant oats for flavour and ease, you can even add water to the packet to save on washing up.

Grits make a hearty alternative if you are sick of oatmeal


Bagels are better than bread as they are more robust, you could take tinned tuna or peanut butter to eat with them. Snacks like nuts, pretzels and raisins will help sustain energy along the way, or even a pack of cookies.


Mac and Cheese is cheap (around 50c) and makes a delicious and filling meal, however it is probably the hardest to clean from the pan, so maybe save it until the last day.

Noodles are great and can make a lovely lunch if you feel like a change, a pack of noodles will set you back 25c or so, two packets make for one filling meal.

Rice packets with flavouring can usually be found in a deal at the store (3/$3) and there are plenty of varieties to choose from.

If you eat a lot of fruit and vegetables day to day take a few to add to meals; carrots and onions preserve in your back pack and aren’t too heavy. Don’t forget any condiments, salt and pepper you have saved from fast food restaurants.