thumb_DSC_0228_1024Back in July 2016 whilst planning my first road trip, I trawled the internet hoping to prepare myself with tips and ideas:

How much money would I need? How should I set up the car? Where could I stay?
What free activities could I do?

I found some blog posts helpful however, my experience of the advice available was that
it is mainly aimed at someone who’s budget is a lot higher than mine. When something is called ‘budget’ it usually refers to staying in a $40 pp/pn hostel. I wanted to spend less than that per day TOTAL. The most useful advice came from gathering ideas from friends and fellow travellers by word of mouth, as well as working it out as I went along.

This site aims to collate practical advice for those who are saving for a trip on a low wage job, as a student or anyone that wants an authentic experience that you wouldn’t get with a luxurious RV.

Budget Roadtrip will offer practical advice and amplify your excitement for your next adventure.

Happy planning!