Work & Travel

One of the easiest ways to save and experience a country on a tight budget is to obtain a work permit for the country you want to explore. This way you can work for a while and save to travel or move around the country finding temporary jobs and taking time off. Canada, Australia, New Zealand and- in some circumstances -The USA offer temporary work permits, the age cap and length of which depends on your home country.

Applying for the IEC Working Holiday Visa is now simpler than ever, the age cap, visa quota and time you can spend in Canada will vary dependent on your country of residence. The work permit costs around $250 and you will also need to purchase travel insurance for the entirety of your stay. You will need a passport that does not expire before your work permit ends and $2500 CAD to prove you can afford the return flight home.
You must wait until the ‘pool’ for your country is open, fill in your profile and wait…
The first hurdle is being sent the ‘Invitation to Apply’, as soon as you receive this you must work fast, ensure you have police checks and any documentation needed in order to submit. The most useful and up to date information can be found in Facebook groups ‘International Experience Canada- Ask Me Anything’ & ‘IEC- Working Holiday Forum’; use the search tool to find information relevant to your query or ask your own if you can’t find the answer you need.

Obtaining a Working Holiday Visa for Australia is relatively straightforward if you are from a country with a reciprocal agreement. You will need to be between ages 18-30, have approximately $6000 AUD in your bank account and have at least 6 months remaining on your passport.
The main purpose of the visa is to travel Australia; this means one of the stipulations is that you cannot have the same employer for more than 6 months. The visa costs $420 AUD to receive a second year Working Holiday you must complete 3 months of farm work.

New Zealand
A stunning country to explore, work and travel on your road trip of a lifetime. Get a job working in a campground or bottling wine in a vineyard, and save to explore the North and South islands. Dependent on where you are from you can apply for a 12 month – 23 month Working Holiday visa, you will need to be between the ages of 18 and 30 (in some cases 35) and have $350 NZD per month you intend to stay. Visa costs vary per country, for a ballpark figure EU citizens pay 175 Euro.

The United States offers limited J-1 visas for the certain jobs such as Camp Counselor, Au-Pair or Intern. The visa is designed for foreign students who speak English to work in the USA during their summer vacation. There is also the H1-B work permit with stipulations including having a degree, working in a field related to this degree and being paid appropriately. Fees for this work permit are high and will not allow you to travel. It is also looking highly likely these two work permits will be up for review and could be altered soon.


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